Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Review Highlights

Cowboys Made  It Once Again Against Steelers

The match between the great Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers came to an end and the cowboys won. By this match Dallas Cowboys secured the driver seat for the east NFC.the match was highly unpredictable. We know the history and rivary between Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. Each of them had a lead of seven wins each. When the match started steelers had the lead.

They had a 12-0 lead ,the cowboys couldn’t recover from that blow. .steelers had the lead the end of second half,the great cowboys didn’t had a chance,but unfortunately cowboy had better luck and the Ezekiel Elliot nailed the steelers coffin .it was a tough loss for steelers. they almost had the chance.i mean almost .elliot had an amazing 32 yard touchdown when their was only niine seconds remained on the clock .what a game it was. Wow. .The Cowboys got a big boost on a 15-yard drive attempt and on the next play Elliot got a touchdown by a 32-yard winner. the lead of seven changes. Dallas gets one more.i personally blame the steelers for this.it was thier faults that cost them this game.by this win cowboys secured the driver seat for east NFC. and the final score is Cowboys — 10-3-10-12 ,Steelers — 12-3-3-12–30


The Steelers lead the Cowboys at halftime by big plays on offense and in defense .steelers forced into the Cowboys’ opening drive, and Roethlisberger and bell had two passing touchdowns in the first half.Dallas were down by 12-0 in the opening,but the cowboys responded by 80 yard touchdown and Dallas were forced to settle for field goals .Rogers was a big help in defence. he catched four passes for 42 yards . The game had slowed drastically in the second half. the cowboys and steelers tried for long drives and at last they settle for field goal.The Cowboys shown themselves in the second half and Elliot had a 14-yard run into the end zone. Dallas tried to keep the lead at five,but fails and cowboys needed a touch down at the end of the game and elliot had given the fans what they wanted


Cowboys Passing: Prescott: 22/32, 319 yards, 2 TD, fumble lost
Rushing: Elliot: 21 carries, 114 yards, TD
Receiving: Bryant: 6 catches, 116 yards, TD
Steelers Passing: Roethlisberger: 37/46, 408 yards, 3 TD
Rushing: Bell: 17 carries, 57 yards
Receiving: Brown: 14 catches, 154 yards, TD

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