Glorious History Of Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers History Details
Pittsburgh Steelers Team History

Pittsburgh Steelers are the professional football team. It is located in Pittsburgh in the city of Pennsylvania. The team contend in the National Football League (NFL) and are members of American Football League Conference North Division. The following article will discuss the The History Of Pittsburgh Steelers.

Team Ownership

Pittsburgh Steeler is the seventh-oldest permit in the National Football League (NFL). Its foundation stress back on 8th, July 1993 by Arthur J. Rooney. Until 1940 people called  Pittsburgh as the Pirates. For so many years, the Steelers had no title to any championship, but after a 40yrs struggle, they have AFC Central division title (1972). This could be the beginning of a new dawn as after two years Art Rooney receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Steelers win this cup in their victory in Super Bowl IX.

The year 1972 appear to be the best year in the history of Pittsburgh Steelers. The history starts to be written in a new style now. The team looks eight successive playoff berths, earning four Asian Football Championship (AFC) and among seven AFC Central trophies (1972-1979). This is the best success recorded in the world of sport.

Coaches in The History Of Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steeler has had 16 head coaches through their history. Joe Bach serves the team for two separate terms being the head coach.Walt Kiesling also served the team for three terms (1943-1944). In this period the Steelers combined team Chicago and Philadelphia. During this time Walt, Greasy Neale, and Phil Handler shared coaching duties. Jock Sutherland, John McNally, Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, are in that lineage of heading the team as the Head coaches along the history. The current coaches of the Pittsburgh Steelers are Mike Tomlin.

Super bowls championship

The Steelers are 6-times winner of super bowls champions. It is among the best teams in the history of Super Bowls tournament. They are closely followed by; Giant, Packers, Patriots-4 times winner, Broncos-3, Colts-2 and Saints with only one title. The Steelers have been doing well since the year 1972 when they scooped the cup four consequently times. The first Bowl in 1972 with Chuck Noll as the head coach of the team.

Steelers AFC Championships

The AFC Championship Game is one of the known two semifinal playoffs in the National Football League. The league determines played to determine the title holder of the America Football Conference (AFC). The winning team then progresses to face to face the winner of the league- National Football Conference Championship (NFC) in the Super Bowl.

The AFC Championship game emerged as a portion of the 1970 merger of National Football League and the American Football League (AFL). The winner receives a trophy known as Lamar Hurt Trophy named after the author of AFL Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt.

Logos and uniforms of Steelers

The team has acquired different logos in their history. With the change of the Logos, the team’s uniforms over the year have remained the same. The uniforms only change logically to give it a new look and update. The team logos, color, and uniform, are among the best in NFL.

Modern player in Pro Football Hall of Fame

Chuck Noll, Joe Greene, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, Terry Bradshaw, Cornerback, Franco Harris are among famous players in Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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