Pittsburgh Steelers Top 10 All Time Players

Pittsburgh Steelers is an American Football teamin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steelers was formed in 1933 and people knew it  as Rooneymen. The name  remained as the nickname of the team for decades before it adopted its current name. The Steelers have had a rich history of producing many Sportsman over the years. Here goes the Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time 2017.

Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time

Pittsburgh Steelers Top 10 All Time Players


1.Joe Greene

Most commonly known as “Mean” had played for Steelers between 1969-1981. Received NFL’s award “Defensive Player of the year” twice. His former teammate often addressed Greene as the best player of the seventies. Throughout his career, he has proved him as one of the most defensive player in NFL.

2. Terry Bradshaw

Born in 1948 and played for 14 seasons in Pittsburgh. He led the Steelers to eight championship matches of AFC Central and won four super bowl titles in a span of six years. Bradshaw is also the toughest arm in NFL.

3.Rod Woodson

He played in seventeen seasons of NFL and had a 10 year stretch with Pittsburgh Steelers. Woodson was also named Pro Bowl eleven times- a record for his position. In the NFL history, his 71 interceptions is recorded as the third-most.

4.Mell Bount

People consider him as one of the best former Pittsburgh Steelers comebacks. For his rugged style, he was notable for his “bump-and-run” style of pass defense. His presence in the team is one of the reason why Pittsburgh Steelers were a dominating team in NFL in 1970’s.

5.Dan Rooney

He was the chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the son of the Steeler’s founder-Art Rooney. He earned hall of Fame in 2000 for his contribution to the football game. He pursued football under  mentoring of Joe Carr, Fran Fogerty, Ed Kiely. From the beginning of 1969, Rooney started managing the Steelers team and officially took the role of president in 1975.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

He is an American Football quarterback for the Steelers, nicknamed as Big Ben. In 2008, Ben joined the first trip of Pro-Bowl along other five Steeler members on the AFC squad. Signed a five year contract with Steelers in 2015 and want to retire as Steelers.

7.Franco Harris

Steelers picked him  in 1972.  Harris played his first 12 years for Steelers in the NFL. In his first season, he was named as “Rookie of the Year” by United Press International and The Sporting News. Harris is the 7th of 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time.

8.Jack Lambert

John Harold Lambert was the starting middle linebacker and was recognized by Pro Football – Hall of Fame. He had a 11 year career with Pittsburgh Steelers. He was selected by the Steelers in 1974 in the second round of the NFL Draft.

9.Jerome Bettis 

His rank is 6th in the list in NFL’s rushing yards leaders. In 1996, Bettis replaced Bam Morris who was then accused for marijuana possession and had to leave Steelers. He rushed for over 1000 yards in the first six seasons between 1996 and 2001 while with Steelers.

10.Troy Polamalu

Polamalu was born in Garden Grove California. He played for Pittsburgh Steelers for his entire 12 year career. Steelers had chosen him in 2003 NFL Draft. He represented two super bowl championship for Steelers. He also got  award of  the NFL Defensive Player 2010. In 2006, he first appeared for Super Bowl XL.

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