Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights

 Check out Steelers vs Bills Review Highlights 2016 Week 14 Game


NFL series is one of the most interesting events to experience and is full with rivalries and top professionals in the game. It is also quite difficult to adequately predict and underdogs can surprise you. In fact, there are no lasting underdogs in the series .The away losers can  win  home game in the next encounter. This is what you will discover from the  Steelers vs Bills Review Highlights 2016 week 14 results.


Before the match, steelers had lost 19-16 courtesy of an overtime score and all we can remember is Johnson asking God why he had let him down.  Steelers vs Bills Review Highlights 2016 week 2014 represented the 22nd head-to-head match in the NFL series as all roads headed to the New Era Field on a chilly Sunday. The steelersvs bills game review 2016 sure produced a lot of highlights to remember. Here are just a few.

Is it the beginning of a rivalry?

Although there is no current strong rivalry between the two teams, most comments from the game agree things could start to heat up soon. It seems each team is eager to win at home. Pittsburgh steelers managed a 27-20 win after going down and then waiting for 10 minutes for  staffs were removing the snow. The recent three encounters have now resulted in two wins for the steelers. Their earlier one came in 2013 when they beat Buffalo bills 23-10. The fire was there and you could see how the bills were fast paced and out to take a win here. However, it was the home team that left happy after overcoming three interception throws from Ben Roethlisberger.


Le’Veon Bell was definitely on top of his game scoring three times and setting a record for his 236 yard rush. It took 3 and 7 yard scores to get him all ready for three rushes, the first time he scored that way in a match. Indeed, Bell solely put the game away in the early stages of the third quarter after having nine runs for 72 yards. Unfortunately, the bills could not come up with a response offensively and this further called for uncertainty in a period when both the coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s future is in doubt.

This also came only a week after the bills had squandered a 24-9 lead during the third quarter to lose 38-24 in Oakland. Perhaps it is also important to note that Buffalo Bills had Minus-1 yards all through the first quarter and did not advance any yard forward until the first snap in quarter 2 when McCoy had a decent 9 yard run. We cannot forget how busy the workers were when required to use shovels and further push away the snow pellets blown away from the field. It was quite involving and there was a 10 minute delay  before second half could commence.

What does the result mean?

The win put steelers in contention for the AFC playoff race and now sit at (8-6) with a fourth consecutive win. Even worse, the bills are in risk of extending their NFL playoff drought to 17 years. This would be the longest after New Orleans 20 year record that they  finally made it to the playoffs in 1987.

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