Pittsburgh Steelers Players 2017
Pittsburgh Steelers Players 2018

Pittsburgh Steelers is an American Football Team and compete in NFL League. Steelers are the oldest franchise of the American Football Conference. Pittsburgh has achieved the highest record of Super Bowl titles -6 and championship games -11 than any other NFL team. Steelers have had a history of producing high performance super casters over years. Here are some of the top Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers Players.

Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers Players of 2018


1 Ben Roethlisberger-

Also commonly known as Big Ben and is an American Football quarterback for Steelers. His first Pre Bowl selection was in 2007 and was  Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2004. He is one of the youngest super bowl player in the NFL history leading Steelers to win Super Bowl XL over Seattle Seahawks.

2. Antonio Brown

Brown was selected by Steelers in 2010 NFL draft with a three year contract. Joining former team member Brown became the second Steeler with 100 receptions in a season. In 2013 He was selected for Pre Bowl as punt returner and a receiver.

3.Cameron Heyward

Coming out of Ohio, Cameron had joined Steelers in 2011 NFT draft in the first round. He signed a four year contract with Pittsburgh Steelers in the year 2011. In 2015 , Steelers extended the contract for another six years. In November, 2016 Heyward suffered a torn muscle where he recorded solo tackles but couldn’t continue with the game due to his injury.

4. Lawrence Timmons Le’Veon Bell

His career started back in 2007 with Steelers and was drafted in the first round. He recorded 114 tackles in 2016 and had never missed a game since 2009. While he turns 31 this month, Timmons wish to continue for another one or two years with Steelers.

5. Martavis Bryant

He was selected for Pittsburgh in 2014. And He initially signed a contract for four years. In 2015 and 2016,he was reported suspended for violating the League’s substance abuse guidelines. April 2018, he has been officially reinstated by NFL.

6. Le’Veon Bell

He joined Steelers in 2013 and signed a contract for four year. His first career game was against Minnesota Vikings. December 2016 , he broke the Steeler’s franchise record with 236 yards for rushing yards on 38 carries. Steelers put the franchise tag on Bell in February, 2018

7. Stephon Tuitt

A defensive end for the Steelers and joined the team in 2014 NFL draft. Steelers got him to a four years contract. This season Steelers will need some defensive presence and Tuitt is  the best choice for this.Tuit the 7th of Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers Players.

8. Heath Miller

Born in 1982, and played for Steelers for 10 years from 2005- 2015. His name was Mike Tomlin as the starting tight end after beating out Jonathan Dekker, Matt Spaeth.

09. James Harrison

Harrison signed in  Steelers as undrafted rookie in 2002. He is the all time sack leader of Steelers with 81.5. In 2009 he achieved award of the defensive player of the year beating Demarcus Ware and became the first undrafted player to with such award.

10. Markus Wheaton

Coming from Phoenix , Arizona and signed with Pittsburg Steelers in 2013 NFL draft -third round. Started with a four years contract and made his first NFL debut against Tennessee Titans. He recently signed a contract with Chicago Bears.