Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalry

Pittsburgh Steeler vs Cleveland Browns Rivalry

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalry
Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalry

Steeler vs Browns Rivalry History

Steelers-Browns series loving called in the NFL is based on Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns rivalry at the American football. The first time the two teams faced each other was in 1950. Since then they have become a National phenomenon with 130 meetings under their belt. Over the years, the two teams have crossed paths with each other during regular seasons and postseason games. Their most recent meeting was on January first, 2017 when the Steelers won the game at 27-24. From 1950 to 1995 and 1999-2017, the two teams were engaging in battle on the field, on average twice a year. From 1996 to 1998 the two teams didn’t come across each other.

70’s and early eighties were not merciful towards the Browns, from 1970 to 1985, the Steelers did not allow the Browns a single win. A few highlights and exciting moments of the series are as follows; Steelers faced the ultimate defeat of the 1989 NFL season with 51-0. But the Steelers took revenge in the first game back of 1999 NFL season, where the Browns were defeated 43-0. In 2014, the Browns fans rejoiced, when their team finally broke the four-game losing streak they were on against the Steelers. The Browns beat the Steelers at 31-10.

Scoreboard so far

So, in the 130 times the teams played against each other, including the two postseason games, Pittsburgh Steelers performances has earned them the winning ground, leading with 72 wins. Whereas the Cleveland Browns currently stand at 58. The teams are known to take advantage of the home ground. Their long tenure puts them in the top five rivalries in NFL, with a win-loss difference of 12 games.

The reason for rivalry

The game enthusiast and strategists state the rivalry stems from the fact that there are many common factors between the teams, like neighbors just 135 miles apart. Which is why the Steelers vs Browns Rivalry is also sometimes referred as the Turnpike Rivalry (Pennsylvania and Ohio turnpikes are the main driving routes between the two cities).

Impact of the rivalry & Exciting moments

The rivalry between the teams is serious business, the last seasons in 2014, The Browns defeat led to the firing of their coach. And the players are not far behind. In 2005 Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrison tackled a drunk and outraged Cleveland Browns fan.
The rivalry between the two teams have been brutal over the years, the fans base is blindly devoted to their respective teams, and their attitude is clear when rival teams come to their home ground. NFL websites, blogs are filled with jokes, making fun of the teams and their respective performances.

The whole rivalry is especially stressful for Browns fans, who tend to celebrate every win like Christmas. But in 2007 the seasons greeting were replaced by season beatings when Brown was defeated at their hometown in Mike Tomlin’s first game as head coach. The rivalry is full of crazy moments, that is keeping the fans and players hooked for many seasons to come.