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Life of A Legendary Steelers, Shaun Suisham

Canadian born Shaun Christopher Suisham, is a free agent of American football placekicker. He was born in Wallaceburg, Ontario on December 29, 1981. In 2005, Shaun Suisham graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. He married Erin Suisham in 2006, and they have a daughter Sienna. Before launching his career officially, he played college football at Bowling Green State University, where he acquired the all-time leading scorer for the Falcons football team before leaving.

His Glorious Career history

As a free agent, Suisham has been part of some great football teams. His career started in 2005 when he was drafted as an undrafted free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers. His next stop was the Dallas Cow boys, where for a year he was signed and then signed of the team as the season progressed.

In 2006, he was briefly signed on by the San Francisco 49ers, before starting a three-year relationship with the Washington Redskins. During this time Suisham kicked his first game-winning field goal from 39-yards against the Miami Dolphins. Shaun Suisham exit from the Redskins was a missed 23-yard field goal, with Redskins defeat against the undefeated New Orleans Saints in the December of 2009.

Within days he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, but this was a short stint as he was signed by the Cleveland Browns in May 2010. Few months down the road he was picked by the St. Louis Rams and let go shortly after in August 2010 because of low performance in the preseason matches.

His second and final signing that lasted five years (2010-2015) this time was with Pittsburgh Steelers.
A quick rundown of Shaun Suisham stats at NFL includes, kicking goals made 211 with 6 to11 at 50 plus yards. His total kicking points are 907, with 274 extra points earned during his career. He has never made a passing touchdown, but his career percentage alone makes him a star player with 84. %.

Shaun Suisham’s Achievements and Records

During his career, Suisham has delivered some serious records and boast the achievements of the teams he signed up with.
• Shaun Suisham is the first player in NFL history to twice deliver four field goals of 40 yards plus and an overtime victory in a single game. The first was done in 2007 against the Jets and the second time against Buffalo in 2010.
• The contract renewal in 2014 made him the highest paid player on the Steelers.
• He is also known as the most accurate kicker in the American football history.
• With Suisham performance, Steelers set the record of a 93.8% conversion mark.

Suisham career with the Pittsburgh Steelers came to an end, when he failed the Physical, following up of his severe knee injury in August, during the Hall of Fame game in 2015. On August 9th, the game against Minnesota Vikings turned out to be his last game with the Steelers. In the second quarter, Suisham scored the first field goal but eventually The Viking’s had a 14-3 win. Post injury he had to miss the whole season. Sources state that they may lead to his retirement from the NFL.

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