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Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Info

Super bowl is the biggest match of the season bringing together the NFL finalists who are usually the AFC and NFC champions. Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team with the longest winning streak beginning in 1974. They have met several teams emerging winners in six games out of the total games played. Below are some of the Pittsburgh steelers super bowls wining game .

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Historic Super Bowl Wins


1974 (IX) : vs Minnesota Vikings

Meeting Minnesota Vikings for the first time in the championship, Pittsburgh proved their capability in a crowd of over eighty thousand people present at the stadium in Louisiana. They faced a tough challenge from their counterparts, only managing one score by half time. The score margin grew by the fourth quarter when the NFC champions put in a 9-6 score. The Steelers had a 16-6 score giving them their first win.

1975 (X) :vs Dallas Cowboys

As the AFC champions, Pittsburg met Dallas Cowboys the following year in yet another NFL championship match. This ended with a 21-17 against the Cowboys giving their opponents a consecutive win in two years. As previous super bowl winners, Dallas put in a good fight maintaining a lead until the fourth quarter. However, Steelers managed to get a 14-point score, which went unanswered making them winners.

1978 (XIII): vs Dallas Cowboys

In 1979, Dallas and Steelers were the champions in their respective conferences bringing them to Miami for yet another NFL championship. The Steelers managed another win but only by a small margin. The game ended win a 35-31 score against the Cowboys. It was a tussle between two teams looking to be a third super bowl champion considering that both had won twice before. Pittsburg started with a strong lead but the competition was fierce with the opposition reducing a 21-14 lead to 21-17 by the third quarter. Thus It was Pittsburgh steelers super bowls for third time. Moreover the two teams have developed Steelers-Cowboys rivalry between them.

1979 (XIV): vs Los Angeles Rams

The following year, LA Rams won the NFC championship and thus faced the reigning NFL champions at the Rose Bowl stadium in California. Up until halftime, the Rams had a 13-10 lead but the AFC Championships turned the game around with a 14 point unanswered score. The match ended with a 31-19 final score making the Steelers a fourth super bowl championship winners.

2005 (XL): vs Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburg once again proved their worth in 2005 when they met Seahawks in yet another Pittsburgh steelers super bowls  challenge. They got their fifth win with a 21-10 against that season’s AFC champions. They maintained a strong lead from the beginning scoring 14 point against 3 by third quarter. Seattle managed a touchdown helping them reduce the gap to 14-10.

2008 (XLIII): vs Arizona Cardinals

Three years later, Steelers travelled to Florida for another championship match against that season’s NFC winners Arizona Cardinal. Although they had an early lead of 17-7 by halftime, Arizona were able to bounce back by scoring 16 points in a row. That wasn’t enough to put them in the lead for long. With just a few seconds left, the previous champions scored a touchdown bringing them to the lead once more. The match ended with a 27-23 points against Arizona making Pittsburg the longest NFL winners.

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