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Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship
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With 6 Super Bowl titles and 8 AFC Championships won, the Pittsburgh Steelers has become one of the most successful teams in the history of the NFL. Although in the years before the AFL-NFL merger the team’s efforts did not seem to be fruitful, the Pittsburgh Steelers managed to get a lot of attention and become more popular after the merger, especially due to their first won AFC Championship in 1974 against the Oakland Raiders when they advanced to the Super Bowl IX. Up to this day, there are a few Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championships in which the Steelers participated which stand out in the history of the NFL.

1974 : Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders

The first time the Raiders and the Steelers ever met in an AFC Championship was in 1974. After losing the first shut-out in 1974 to the Raiders with a score of 0-17, the Pittsburgh Steelers managed to redeem themselves and win that season’s AFC Championship which advanced them to the Super Bowl. Their victory against the Raiders with a score of 24-13, however, seems to pale compared to their victory in the Super Bowl which was an even more impressive feat.

1975 : Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders

In 1975, the Steelers and the Oakland Raiders met again in Pittsburgh where the former managed to win another AFC Championship with a score of 16-10. History seemed to repeat itself as the Pittsburgh Steelers won their second consecutive Super Bowl that year.

1978: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Houston Oilers

In 1978, the Steelers met the Houston Oilers in the AFC Championship game on their route to the Super Bowl. The game took place in Pittsburgh where the Oilers lost with a score of 5-34 on the Three Rivers Stadium. The Steelers went on to win that year’s Super Bowl.

History repeated itself in 1979 when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Oilers once again on the Three Rivers Stadium with a score of 27-13. After this victory, the Steelers went on, similarly to the previous year, to win Super Bowl XIV against the Los Angeles Rams with a score of 31-19. This was recorded in NFL history for the first time ever a team won four Super Bowl titles. This is how Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championships got its 4th tittle.

1995: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts

After a long series of defeats, the Steelers managed to snatch a victory against the Indianapolis Colts in 1995 at the AFC Championship game. With a score of 20-16, this was their fifth AFC Championship. However, contrary to their established tradition, they did not manage to win that year’s Super Bowl.

2005 : Pittsburgh Steelers vs Denver Broncos

They were not able to win a Championship game and even lost one in 1997 against the Broncos in last 10 years. The Steelers evened the score in 2005. Not only did they manage to win the AFC Championship against the Denver Broncos with a score of 34-17, but also went on to win their first Super Bowl since the one in 1979.

2008: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

In 2008, the Steelers achieved their 7th AFC Championship title against the Baltimore Ravens. The game was held in Pittsburgh at the Heinz Field where the Steelers won with a score of 23-14. Continuing their tradition, they advanced to the Super Bowl and won in that year.

2010: Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Jets

The Steelers achieved its 8th AFC victory in 2010 against the New York Jets. The game was close. But they managed to get a score of 24-19, again, on the Heinz Field. However, they would not win that season’s Super Bowl.

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