Top 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Game Online Football Site

check Out Top 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Football Sites


Is your favorite team the Pittsburgh Steelers? Are you always hunting for the next website that will give you all the need-to-know info with fantastic benefits such as sweepstakes, podcasts, and a network of other fans just like you? Then you’re in luck! Our list of the Top 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Football Sites  is right up your alley!
For further reference, this is a Steelers-related website list only. Don’t get us wrong, sites like Bleacher Report, SB Nation, ESPN, and the NFL official page are great when you’re looking for news and draft picks. But we’re looking for the best in Steelers-only content. Perhaps this is an opportunity to write about the Top 10 of sports news websites in general, but that’s a list for another day.

Top 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Game Online Football Site

10. The Steeler Connection

This site is a great resource if you’re looking for other Steelers websites. With everything from individual player sites to fanclubs and the best in Steeler news it’s one big catalogue for everything you’d want to know about the Steelers. The downside? That’s pretty much it. It also looks like it was made with Geocities, which we didn’t think anyone used anymore. But if you’re looking of an expansion to this list, then go here.

9. Steel City Mafia

It’s great to be a fan, but to call yourself a fanclub is so boring. If you’re a Steelers fan you should be part of something greater. Enter the Steel City Mafia. Granted you’re not an actual crime syndicate that causes damage, but the name still sounds cool. With fan pictures, trivia, and live chat you can connect with fellow Black and Gold enthusiasts.

There’s also benefits to being a member as you get store discounts and private invitations to Steelers’ events. While it seems there are a few dedicated fans still running this page their blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, which is why it got the number 9 spot.

8. Steelers Gab

This is your regular run-of-the-mill Steelers fan site that has all the basics covered and is regularly updated. You’ve got your news, updates on injuries, videos, list of popular blogs, etc. And while it’s a pretty clean-cut website there’s something missing. Everything following our number 8 spot has something unique about it. If you don’t want the fluff then go here, but if you want a Steelers site with something extra then keep reading.

7. Steelers Depot

This website has your basics with just a bit extra. Draft updates, schedules, news, ticket sales, those can all be found here. You can also find a great podcast. The people at The Terrible Podcast are a riot! Finally, you can subscribe to the exclusive Steeler Digest, a print magazine that makes a great addition to the coffee table.

6. Steeler Addicts

This website also has all of the general goodness of a Steelers fan site. Schedules, forums, ticket sales, news, you get the point. But it also has a great podcast related to anything Steelers. If you’ve heard of Blitzburgh Radio then you may be familiar with this site already. They also have a slew of great videos to pump you up on game day. And if you’re not in front of the television come game day but have access to a computer you can listen live to the game while you do your work.

5. Still Curtain

News, mock drafts, and schedules are the staple of any great Steelers website. You know what else makes them great? A section dedicated to game day food. Game Day Grub has a wide array of tasty options that make any Steelers game awesome. They also have a section called Big Ben related to, you guessed it, quaterback Ben Roethlisberger.

4. Steel City Blitz

A site that boasts “Real Steelers Talk for Hardcore Fans.” If you classify yourself as a hardcore fan then you need to go check out this website. Along with news and stats they cover a lot of the news surrounding Steelers Training Camp, something only a few Steelers sites are bound to cover. They’ve also got player spotlights to give you more info about your favorite players, as well as their own podcast, Voice of the Fan.

3. Steelers Nation Unite

This is for the elite of Steelers fans. If you sign up for this website you are going to get amazing opportunities, but depending on which package you get is just what kind of benefits you receive. With levels of membership though the possibilities are endless, with rewards for checking in on gameday and interacting with other fans, exclusive news, and the chance to purchase memorabilia you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Behind the Steel Curtain

Again, everying standard here that makes a fan site great you’ll find here. Schedules, news, stats, Behind the Steel Curtain has it. It also has drafts, but what sets these drafts apart from any other is just how much detail goes into them. If you want to pick the best fantasy team and need some guidance, you come here. They also have got great ways fans can contribute.

A message board where fans can communicate and post pictures is a great way to share your love of the Steelers with others just like you. They also have their own shop, and if you sign up you’ll get the opportunity to participate in contests and sweepstakes to get some awesome Steelers merch.


The official website of the Steelers, if you’re not already somewhat familiar with this website then you’re not a real fan. Videos, news, training camp, drafts, live stream, high-quality photos, fan talk, you name it, this website has it. Whether you want to check up on your favorite players, buy tickets and jerseys, or bask in the magnificence of Heinz Field from the comfort of your home, Steelers.come has you covered.


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