Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights

 Check out Steelers vs Bills Review Highlights 2016 Week 14 Game


NFL series is one of the most interesting events to experience and is full with rivalries and top professionals in the game. It is also quite difficult to adequately predict and underdogs can surprise you. In fact, there are no lasting underdogs in the series .The away losers can  win  home game in the next encounter. This is what you will discover from the  Steelers vs Bills Review Highlights 2016 week 14 results.


Before the match, steelers had lost 19-16 courtesy of an overtime score and all we can remember is Johnson asking God why he had let him down.  Steelers vs Bills Review Highlights 2016 week 2014 represented the 22nd head-to-head match in the NFL series as all roads headed to the New Era Field on a chilly Sunday. The steelersvs bills game review 2016 sure produced a lot of highlights to remember. Here are just a few.

Is it the beginning of a rivalry?

Although there is no current strong rivalry between the two teams, most comments from the game agree things could start to heat up soon. It seems each team is eager to win at home. Pittsburgh steelers managed a 27-20 win after going down and then waiting for 10 minutes for  staffs were removing the snow. The recent three encounters have now resulted in two wins for the steelers. Their earlier one came in 2013 when they beat Buffalo bills 23-10. The fire was there and you could see how the bills were fast paced and out to take a win here. However, it was the home team that left happy after overcoming three interception throws from Ben Roethlisberger.


Le’Veon Bell was definitely on top of his game scoring three times and setting a record for his 236 yard rush. It took 3 and 7 yard scores to get him all ready for three rushes, the first time he scored that way in a match. Indeed, Bell solely put the game away in the early stages of the third quarter after having nine runs for 72 yards. Unfortunately, the bills could not come up with a response offensively and this further called for uncertainty in a period when both the coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s future is in doubt.

This also came only a week after the bills had squandered a 24-9 lead during the third quarter to lose 38-24 in Oakland. Perhaps it is also important to note that Buffalo Bills had Minus-1 yards all through the first quarter and did not advance any yard forward until the first snap in quarter 2 when McCoy had a decent 9 yard run. We cannot forget how busy the workers were when required to use shovels and further push away the snow pellets blown away from the field. It was quite involving and there was a 10 minute delay  before second half could commence.

What does the result mean?

The win put steelers in contention for the AFC playoff race and now sit at (8-6) with a fourth consecutive win. Even worse, the bills are in risk of extending their NFL playoff drought to 17 years. This would be the longest after New Orleans 20 year record that they  finally made it to the playoffs in 1987.

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Review Highlights

Cowboys Made  It Once Again Against Steelers

The match between the great Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers came to an end and the cowboys won. By this match Dallas Cowboys secured the driver seat for the east NFC.the match was highly unpredictable. We know the history and rivary between Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. Each of them had a lead of seven wins each. When the match started steelers had the lead.

They had a 12-0 lead ,the cowboys couldn’t recover from that blow. .steelers had the lead the end of second half,the great cowboys didn’t had a chance,but unfortunately cowboy had better luck and the Ezekiel Elliot nailed the steelers coffin .it was a tough loss for steelers. they almost had the chance.i mean almost .elliot had an amazing 32 yard touchdown when their was only niine seconds remained on the clock .what a game it was. Wow. .The Cowboys got a big boost on a 15-yard drive attempt and on the next play Elliot got a touchdown by a 32-yard winner. the lead of seven changes. Dallas gets one more.i personally blame the steelers for this.it was thier faults that cost them this game.by this win cowboys secured the driver seat for east NFC. and the final score is Cowboys — 10-3-10-12 ,Steelers — 12-3-3-12–30


The Steelers lead the Cowboys at halftime by big plays on offense and in defense .steelers forced into the Cowboys’ opening drive, and Roethlisberger and bell had two passing touchdowns in the first half.Dallas were down by 12-0 in the opening,but the cowboys responded by 80 yard touchdown and Dallas were forced to settle for field goals .Rogers was a big help in defence. he catched four passes for 42 yards . The game had slowed drastically in the second half. the cowboys and steelers tried for long drives and at last they settle for field goal.The Cowboys shown themselves in the second half and Elliot had a 14-yard run into the end zone. Dallas tried to keep the lead at five,but fails and cowboys needed a touch down at the end of the game and elliot had given the fans what they wanted


Cowboys Passing: Prescott: 22/32, 319 yards, 2 TD, fumble lost
Rushing: Elliot: 21 carries, 114 yards, TD
Receiving: Bryant: 6 catches, 116 yards, TD
Steelers Passing: Roethlisberger: 37/46, 408 yards, 3 TD
Rushing: Bell: 17 carries, 57 yards
Receiving: Brown: 14 catches, 154 yards, TD

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Shaun Suisham, Pittsburgh Steeler Players

Life of A Legendary Steelers, Shaun Suisham

Canadian born Shaun Christopher Suisham, is a free agent of American football placekicker. He was born in Wallaceburg, Ontario on December 29, 1981. In 2005, Shaun Suisham graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. He married Erin Suisham in 2006, and they have a daughter Sienna. Before launching his career officially, he played college football at Bowling Green State University, where he acquired the all-time leading scorer for the Falcons football team before leaving.

His Glorious Career history

As a free agent, Suisham has been part of some great football teams. His career started in 2005 when he was drafted as an undrafted free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers. His next stop was the Dallas Cow boys, where for a year he was signed and then signed of the team as the season progressed.

In 2006, he was briefly signed on by the San Francisco 49ers, before starting a three-year relationship with the Washington Redskins. During this time Suisham kicked his first game-winning field goal from 39-yards against the Miami Dolphins. Shaun Suisham exit from the Redskins was a missed 23-yard field goal, with Redskins defeat against the undefeated New Orleans Saints in the December of 2009.

Within days he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, but this was a short stint as he was signed by the Cleveland Browns in May 2010. Few months down the road he was picked by the St. Louis Rams and let go shortly after in August 2010 because of low performance in the preseason matches.

His second and final signing that lasted five years (2010-2015) this time was with Pittsburgh Steelers.
A quick rundown of Shaun Suisham stats at NFL includes, kicking goals made 211 with 6 to11 at 50 plus yards. His total kicking points are 907, with 274 extra points earned during his career. He has never made a passing touchdown, but his career percentage alone makes him a star player with 84. %.

Shaun Suisham’s Achievements and Records

During his career, Suisham has delivered some serious records and boast the achievements of the teams he signed up with.
• Shaun Suisham is the first player in NFL history to twice deliver four field goals of 40 yards plus and an overtime victory in a single game. The first was done in 2007 against the Jets and the second time against Buffalo in 2010.
• The contract renewal in 2014 made him the highest paid player on the Steelers.
• He is also known as the most accurate kicker in the American football history.
• With Suisham performance, Steelers set the record of a 93.8% conversion mark.

Suisham career with the Pittsburgh Steelers came to an end, when he failed the Physical, following up of his severe knee injury in August, during the Hall of Fame game in 2015. On August 9th, the game against Minnesota Vikings turned out to be his last game with the Steelers. In the second quarter, Suisham scored the first field goal but eventually The Viking’s had a 14-3 win. Post injury he had to miss the whole season. Sources state that they may lead to his retirement from the NFL.

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Live Stream Android Apps Reviews Pittsburgh Steelers

Live Stream Android Apps Reviews Pittsburgh Steelers NFL

Watching live matches can be made easy using your android Smartphone or tablet. You can now watch your favorite NFL team live matches from any part of the world. Sports apps allow you to read the latest sports news, team statistics and mostly allows to watch your favorite team live matches. By using any of the 5 streaming app explained below, streaming live matches is now made easy.

 Live Stream Android Apps Reviews Pittsburgh Steelers

1. NFL Game Pass

This is the best android app for streaming live NFL matches. It can also be used to watch past matches of your favorite team. You need an NFL game pass subscription for you to watch the matches on your android Smartphone or tablet. The App is having a great interface which makes it easy to use for the NFL fans.

2. Sport live stream

This is one of the best android apps for streaming almost every life sporting event ranging from NFL, baseball, basketball and so on. Sport live stream support many popular streaming sites and by this allows you to watch your favorite team playing from your android Smartphone. The amazing thing about this app is that it is free to use and it has no in-app purchases.

3. Sport TV

Sport TV is another great app that can be used to stream live matches. It also offers quick access to live scores and news about your favorite team. The app does not require any subscription. For easy streaming, it connects with different sports streaming site which allows you to watch your favorite team from any part of the world.

4. Cool streaming TV

Cool streaming is the app for television channels and it supports more than 300 TV stations ranging from news, sport, music, movies and much more. You don’t need to worry about anything because there are plenty of sports channels where you can watch your favorite NFL matches for free. This is absolutely the app that is connected to different sports channels.

5. World Sport Stream (WSS)

This is a kind of sports app for android Smartphone and Tablet. If you need to watch all world sport live then I recommend you to download this app. You can watch your favorite sporting activities without a subscription. The best thing about this app is that it works with 2G/3G, Wi-Fi and even on LTE.

These are Top five sports streaming app which you can use to watch your favorite live Pittsburgh Steelers NFL matches. If you need any of the apps, visit Google play store and type any of the app given above in the search box to download and install. After installing the app you can enjoy watching your favorite team live matches when you are away from home.


Pittsburgh Steelers Top 10 All Time Players

Pittsburgh Steelers is an American Football teamin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steelers was formed in 1933 and people knew it  as Rooneymen. The name  remained as the nickname of the team for decades before it adopted its current name. The Steelers have had a rich history of producing many Sportsman over the years. Here goes the Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time 2017.

Top 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time

Pittsburgh Steelers Top 10 All Time Players


1.Joe Greene

Most commonly known as “Mean” had played for Steelers between 1969-1981. Received NFL’s award “Defensive Player of the year” twice. His former teammate often addressed Greene as the best player of the seventies. Throughout his career, he has proved him as one of the most defensive player in NFL.

2. Terry Bradshaw

Born in 1948 and played for 14 seasons in Pittsburgh. He led the Steelers to eight championship matches of AFC Central and won four super bowl titles in a span of six years. Bradshaw is also the toughest arm in NFL.

3.Rod Woodson

He played in seventeen seasons of NFL and had a 10 year stretch with Pittsburgh Steelers. Woodson was also named Pro Bowl eleven times- a record for his position. In the NFL history, his 71 interceptions is recorded as the third-most.

4.Mell Bount

People consider him as one of the best former Pittsburgh Steelers comebacks. For his rugged style, he was notable for his “bump-and-run” style of pass defense. His presence in the team is one of the reason why Pittsburgh Steelers were a dominating team in NFL in 1970’s.

5.Dan Rooney

He was the chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the son of the Steeler’s founder-Art Rooney. He earned hall of Fame in 2000 for his contribution to the football game. He pursued football under  mentoring of Joe Carr, Fran Fogerty, Ed Kiely. From the beginning of 1969, Rooney started managing the Steelers team and officially took the role of president in 1975.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

He is an American Football quarterback for the Steelers, nicknamed as Big Ben. In 2008, Ben joined the first trip of Pro-Bowl along other five Steeler members on the AFC squad. Signed a five year contract with Steelers in 2015 and want to retire as Steelers.

7.Franco Harris

Steelers picked him  in 1972.  Harris played his first 12 years for Steelers in the NFL. In his first season, he was named as “Rookie of the Year” by United Press International and The Sporting News. Harris is the 7th of 10 Best Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time.

8.Jack Lambert

John Harold Lambert was the starting middle linebacker and was recognized by Pro Football – Hall of Fame. He had a 11 year career with Pittsburgh Steelers. He was selected by the Steelers in 1974 in the second round of the NFL Draft.

9.Jerome Bettis 

His rank is 6th in the list in NFL’s rushing yards leaders. In 1996, Bettis replaced Bam Morris who was then accused for marijuana possession and had to leave Steelers. He rushed for over 1000 yards in the first six seasons between 1996 and 2001 while with Steelers.

10.Troy Polamalu

Polamalu was born in Garden Grove California. He played for Pittsburgh Steelers for his entire 12 year career. Steelers had chosen him in 2003 NFL Draft. He represented two super bowl championship for Steelers. He also got  award of  the NFL Defensive Player 2010. In 2006, he first appeared for Super Bowl XL.

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